We are specialized in French-language investigations in the United States and Europe for clients with a specific need for bilingual assistance.



FACTUAL RESEARCH DISCOVERY: Research is our strong suit and we work hard at solving each request in the most optimum way possible with the right tools for each situation: research on individuals and businesses, news archive digging, records, genealogy.... We subscribe to a dozen proprietary databases, train twice yearly to stay on top of online intelligence gathering techniques and pool our resources, contacts and expertise for online and offline fact finding. In a strange way, the growth of the Internet has contributed to the reemergence of primary research. We like to take our assignment where online just can't go.
LOCATING PEOPLE: We find missing persons, heirs, birth parents and long lost loves and, with their approval, put you in touch. But we also "skip trace" people who are intentionally hiding, perhaps from creditors or from the law, or have some other reason to keep their location a secret. Skips go to any length to remain under the radar. Only professionals can track them down and ferret them out.
PUBLIC RECORDS: We get our hands dirty searching all sorts of official records, from the courthouses to the local police precinct, because we know that there is a lot of gold that computer research can't give you. We ask for copies of permits, vital records and submit Freedom of Information Act [FOIA]. Then we make the documents speak.
DUE DILIGENCE: Before investing time and money in a new venture, the prudent and smart approach is to know exactly who you are getting involved with. We check an individual's or a company's reputation, ability to perform under contract and verify liens and judgements, past and pending lawsuits and other potential areas of liability.
LANDLORD & TENANT INVESTIGATIONS: We specialize in landlord-tenant investigations in New York City, including pre-tenant screenings, primary residence investigations, illegal sublets, and undeserved succession cases. Most of our cases involve establishing whether tenants in rent-controlled and rent-stabilized units are respecting the law. When unlawful behavior is detected, we help clients lead negociations or act to recover the units by providing them with a strong, evidence-based case. We go way beyond the usual public records/DMV/utility search and perform research on social media, open source records, deep internet, proprietary databases and media, as well as telephone and on-the-ground investigations.
FRAUD & LITIGATION SUPPORT: We coordinate all sorts of financial investigations with experts on economic and white-collar crimes, from Ponzi schemes to corporate fraud. Our main motivation for fraud investigations is to build the strongest case in order to help the victims recover funds and prevent repetitions. We have been members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners since 2013.
ACTIVITY CHECKS: Are you wondering whether a person you're involved with romantically or professionally is who they say they are and do what they say they do, work where they say they work, go where they say they go? We have phone investigators and surveillance professionals to conduct visit, inquiries, neighborhood checks and provide you with answers.
WITNESS INTERVIEWS & STATEMENTS We locate and interview witnesses as part of litigation: ex-spouses, relatives, neighbors, employees, employers, associates, competitors, service providers... We're not afraid of having doors slammed in our face and persistence is one of our trait. We will take statements and will give you a full assessment of the person interviewed.
SCRIPT & MEDIA RESEARCH: We've performed research, prep work and TV producing on a dozen TV magazines and documentaries, including for Envoyé Spécial (France 2) and Canal + (Les Nouveaux Explorateurs.) Christophe Cousin, author of Nomades Land USA , a documentary on nomadic people in the United States, wrote that we did "an incredible job."
Our agency has helped several "left behind" parents to locate their children after parental abductions between France and the United States. These two countries are both parties to multilateral treaties, including the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, but the excessive length of proceedings is often frustrating and obstructionist. We work side by side with the custodial parent to act fast and locate the kidnapped children as quickly as possible, assess their living situation, and collect evidence to help navigate the legal process within the competent jurisdiction.

    We ensure our knowledge and skills are up-to-date in all aspects of online investigations, research and protection.

    We regularly train in Social Media research with Hetherington Group.

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