• J’ai découvert Mme Emmanuelle Welch ( French Connection Research) en suivant l’affaire Strauss Kahn il y a quelques années. Et puis, en 2013, j’ai un problème d’enlèvement par leur maman de mes enfants vers les USA. Tout de suite, j’ai pensé à cette détective pour m’assister et m’aider à les retrouver et les faire revenir en France. Savoir qu’elle parlait français, combiné à son expérience et les témoignages et commentaires glanés sur internet m’ont décidé à porter mon choix sur elle. Je n’ai pas été déçu. 10 jours après je retrouvais les enfants. 2 semaines plus tard je les ramenais non sans mal en France. Efficace, prompte, expérimentée, professionnelle, elle m’a aussi beaucoup conseillé au cours de mon parcours du combattant.

    Robert Kenmeugne

  • I am a former US Supreme Court Fellow, serving on the staff of Chief Justice Warren E. Burger. I also served in the U.S. Army as a counterintelligence officer and was a member of the United States Attorney’s office in San Francisco, where the FBI and other Federal investigative agencies supplied our investigative assistance. I am now a sole practitioner in San Francisco.
    I have used many investigative services over the years.  The overseas detective work recently completed for us by French Connection Research was impeccable.  Very efficient. Highly competent. Very responsive.  In a word, excellent. I recommend French Connection Research unequivocally.

    Tonsing Law firm, San Francisco

  • I have not had the opportunity to work with any other colleague whose attention to detail and complexity of skills are only seen but rarely.


  • I requested Emmanuelle for researches on a very specific project about nomadic people and charismatic characters living on the road in the US. She did an incredible job. Very well organized person, extremely reliable, and most important, she is able to immerse in the mind of the director to perfectly answer the needs.

    Christophe Cousin, author and director

  • We want you to know how lucky we feel to have found you; a professional investigator, with expertise, integrity, and tenacity!


  • This woman is an incredible investigator and of the highest caliber.


  • French Connection Reasearch far exceeded my expectations when they embarked on a project for me. I was only able to give Emmanuelle a few little concrete details about the person who had been missing from my family for almost 48 years and I was doubtful she would succeed where others had failed.

    Yet, having assessed my situation with skill, imagination, and total confidence, she proceeded to unravel the mysteries of my missing person with great success. Her work was swift, comprehensive, and meticulously documented.


  • From France, I was looking for a lost violin in the United States, with a very particular story but impossible to find for more than 5 years. Through a friend’s recommendation, I contacted French Connection Research and in less than a week, with few elements, they had traced the instrument. I was impressed with their skills, their professionalism and their human touch.

    I’m thankful and I highly recommend them to any person trying to find a musical instrument or an object. Beyond the skills needed to conduct this research, they have shown great sensitivity in their communication with the owner of the instrument.